Appointment of Islamic University of Maldives (IUM) for distribution of charity fund managed by Maldives Islamic Bank Plc (MIB) for education purpose at IUM.

Male’ (23rd August 2021) Maldives Islamic Bank appoints IUM as an agent for distribution of the charity fund managed by the Bank. This appointment paves the way for current and future IUM students to apply and receive education related financial assistance more conveniently. Students must be eligible for Zakath to be eligible for financial assistance under this arrangement.

We hope that, with the easing of access, more Maldivians will be able to pursue their higher education aspirations at Islamic University of Maldives.

The Bank is also working with other relevant parties to establish similar arrangements.

The charity fund managed by MIB, is dedicated to provide financial assistance to needy citizens within the categories of Pursuing Education, Orphan Care and Health Care.

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