MIB Global Pay

Maldives Islamic Bank has announced the launching of its brand-new Internet Payment Gateway branded ‘MIB Global Pay’. This acquiring platform will accept e-commerce payments from international card schemes. 

Best in class performance and integration 

MIB Global Pay online payment gateway service uses Mastercard Payment Gateway Services, a global leader in e-commerce payment acquiring and is well known for its’ superior performance. The payment gateway has a 99.95% up time, with global accessibility and easy deployment and integration. 

Innovative Features 

It is equipped with innovative features such as Tokenization; which provides the most secure form of customer card storage while also reducing compliance requirements. Resulting in merchants being able to start acquiring e-commerce transactions quicker and at a lesser cost of compliance.

Another exciting feature is recurring payment which allows merchants to schedule payments on a regular basis, (e.g. weekly, monthly and quarterly) without re-entering the card details every time. MIB Global Pay also comes equipped with a powerful merchant portal giving full control and on-demand customized reporting. 

Multiple Integration Possibilities

MIB Global Pay comes in 3 integration flavours to cater to businesses who requires various levels of control, customization, and compliance requirements. 

  • Direct Payment which provides the highest level of flexibility and customization is ideal for large scale merchants who wish to create a seamless experience for their customers.
  • Hosted Checkout which is the most prevalent in the local market redirects the customer to the payment gateway’s page to enter the card details and submit for processing. 
  • Hosted session is a innovation that allows a greater degree of flexibility in customization to the customer, while securing the card details, reducing the compliance requirement significantly. 

MIB believes that this is a golden opportunity for merchants who are exploring to expand their digital footprint or looking to provide innovative services with online real-time e-commerce payments. Interested parties are invited to email to [email protected] .

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