Digital Banking! anywhere, anytime.

Enjoy modern day banking with our Digital Banking Journey

Instant Account Opening + eFaas

Maldivians can now open a bank account within a matter of minutes anywhere, anytime. Additionally add MVR or USD, Current and Savings accounts instantly.

Click. Submit. Done.

Self Register to Faisanet + eFaas

Quickly self-register for Faisanet with our seamless eFaas journey and immediately start managing your accounts.

Click. Enrol. Go.

Visa Debit Instant Card + eFaas

Need a card, just drop by to any of our branches and pick up an instant card pack. Activate on the go and enjoy within minutes.

Pick Up. Link. Enjoy

Fully Digital Ujaalaa + eFaas

Apply, process and accept Ujaalaa Financing from the comfort of your home with UjaalaaNow portal. Use eFaas to sign offer and acceptance. Use the portal to check your limits, and submit for cash or purchase requests wherever you may be!

Submit. Accept. Enjoy

Frequently Asked Questions

Remember to activate your account by depositing the minimum deposit amount to your account after opening it. The minimum deposit amount is

  • MVR Saving - MVR 1000.00

  • MVR Current - MVR 2500.00

  • USD Saving - $100.00

  • USD Current - $250.00

You can transfer using any local bank account or deposit from self service banking.

You can transfer the the intial deposit through any local bank to your new bank account. The intial deposit amounts are:-

  • MVR Saving - MVR 1000.00

  • MVR Current - MVR 2500.00

  • USD Saving - $100.00

  • USD Current - $250.00

Please remember to send the minimum amount or more than that to activate your account.

You can easily reset your pasword for internet banking by using the eFaas journey. Visit faisanet and proceed.

You can easily self register for internet banking by using the eFaas journey. Simply visit fasianet and proceed.

The only difference between an Instant card and a personalized card is that your name will not be printed on the card.

For instant cards you will be able to pick up a card from any of our branches at any time and activate it within minutes.

Instant account is only available for Maldivians for now. For foreigners you can use the Digital Account Opening Service for Foreigners. You will need to authenticate with eFaas to use this service as well. All foreigners with valid visa to reside in the Maldives will have a eFaas profile which you can use.