Engineered to make your Internet Banking a pleasure. No matter what your banking operation demands FaisaNet is with the right set of tools to make your life easier.

Faster. Easier.More Secure

Card Management

Manage your Debit Cards easily. Activate, change PIN and Freeze temporarily or Block your card.

Responsive Design

Designed to work equally well on your computer and mobile devices. You can get your banking done anywhere you stand truly.

Even more secure

You can enable 2FA for login. And also enable Authenticator Apps for 2FA. We recommend using Microsoft Authenticator

Flexible Authorisation Matrix

Now you can setup your own authorisation matrix to suit your business needs. More layers or easy access is entirely yours to decide

Built in Support

Now you can chat with our CustomerCare Agents right from FaisaNet and get support conveniently. Because you are signed in we can help you much faster

Multiple Profiles

Use a single login to access all your profiles. Simply switch between the profiles to operate the accounts linked to those.

Create the authorisation and access matrix that works for your business.

The most important page for you is the first page that you see. Set the landing page of your preference.

The quick dashboard is designed to give you a quick overview of your accounts.

You can view your payment gateway reports directly without the need to login to other portals.

You can now assign Token Apps such as Microsoft Authenticator to get your tokens.

You can now submit your TT request and upload the required documents all in one place for a quick and seamless service

Stay safe from prying eyes by enabling privacy mode which hides your balances until you click on them

With even more power, the search engine within FaisaNet can pull out almost anything you need.

One stop Action Center to help curate all items that require your attention and show you the history.

To make it even more secure enable 2FA for login which will force users to submit an OTP even to login.

Give your eyes a well deserved rest with Dark Mode.

FaisaNet works with mobiles, tablets and computer screens just as well. Do your banking while on the go without any compromise on functionality.

Manage your contacts and beneficiaries easily

You can now self-register for FaisaNet and FaisaMobile at the same time

With a single login switch between the profiles to access the various accounts that matter to you

Transfer bulk payments from wherever you are, whenever you want.

*Applicable for businesses

Register on Faisanet and conveniently reset your password through efaas

Frequently Asked Questions

A recall request can be made within 10 days from the transaction date.

Select incoming favara recall requests from the navigation menu and approve those requests to complete the recall process.

If you think you transferred the money to a  wrong person or if you have any other valid reason to recall the payment do as follows:

  1. Press the edit button in the right corner towards each transaction.

  2. Write the reason in the dialogue box.

  3. Add a comment if required and press “confirm”.

An account alias is used to easily recognize you on favara. You can create an favara ID using your email address, mobile number, or ID card number that you have provided to the bank.


  • Favara Transfer - upto mvr 50,000

  • Favara Request - upto MVR 5,000

These limits may change at a later date

  • Step 1: Select favara from Faisanet navigation.

  • Step 2:  Select favara pay

  • Step 3:  Add the account or favara ID of the payer

  • Step 4: Add the account which you wish to receive the money.

  • Step 5: Add the amount and reason and click review.

  • Step 6: press confirm, and the request will be sent to the payer