Be in control of all your accounts, financing facilities, cheques and all your bank-related stuff on FaisaMobile; an all-in-one, modern, user-friendly, and secure mobile banking app by your Islamic Bank. Quickly check your account balances, account histories, make transfers, view your financing facilities, manage your cheques, contact the Bank and so much more on FaisaMobile anywhere.

Modern UI

A swipe, a tap and a drag and drop, viola!

Financing Status

Be appraised of your financing facility

Chat and Solve

Chat with our agents and get the help you need

  • View all your accounts and account balances

  • View detailed account statements and transactions

  • Save and share account transactions

  • Sort and filter account transactions for simplified viewing

  • Make transfers to your favorite people with a simple drag and drop

  • Make quick transfers to unsaved accounts

  • Make transfers within your accounts, to other MIB accounts, and to other bank accounts

  • Manage your favorite accounts and account categories

  • View all your financing facilities in brief and in full detail

  • Check facility paid amount, balance, installment amount, last paid date, and more

  • View status of all your cheque books and their cheques

  • View individual cheque details

  • Report lost cheques and cheque books

With built in chat our agents are ready to help you with you inquiries and provide you with solutions that you need to navigate your financial life.

  • FaisaMobile uses industry-standard security methods to ensure all your information, transactions, transactions, and everything else is done securely through the app

  • Use PIN or fingerprint to unlock FaisaMobile

  • Change your PIN and fingerprint whenever needed

  • Completely clear any saved data

Self register with ease


Frequently Asked Questions

f you would like to cancel a transaction, kindly please forward us a message from FaisaNet requesting to cancel the transaction with a screenshot of the transfer slip with the reason stated.  


Send a email with the following information to [email protected]

  • Transaction date  

  • Amount  

  • Reference Number  

  • Reason to cancel the transaction  

Parents or Guardians with the mandate to operate the account can request to add the associated account to their profile in FaisaNet. Please submit your request through ApplyNow Portal or via messaging on FaisaNet/Faisamobile.

If you would like to change your OTP method to Authenticator App, you may login to internet banking via browser and follow the below steps.  

  • Personal profile > Select your preferred channel to receive OTP > Authenticator App. 

  • Once you choose authenticator app, we will send you an email with activation details. 

  • Afterwards, you may download an Authenticator app from the appropriate store and activate it using the given information. 

No charge is applicable. 

Yes, it is

Yes, it does. You will need an OTP to perform transactions.