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Shop safe & enjoy peace of mind with verified by VISA

Self Service

Pick up a card from us and link and activate by yourself anytime.

Card Management

Manage your card with Faisanet / Faisamobile easily

everyday Benefits

Get amazing discounts and offers when you use your everyday card

Spend with confidence using Visa every day. All transactions are secured by multiple layers of protection through 24/7 payment threat monitoring, real-time fraud detection and verification via Visa secure.

Withdraw up to MVR 25,000 from an MIB ATM and enjoy up to MVR 100,000 on any MIB POS machine. These limits can be changed based on your requirement. Please send your request via FiasaNet or FaisaMobile anytime.

Nationwide acceptance: Use your Visa everyday card without the need to use cash, whether it be online, in-stores or at home. Enjoy the freedom of making payments for your dining & shopping at any domestic POS terminal as well as paying for your bills and more using any domestic Payment Gateway where VISA is accepted.

Discover a variety of offers and discounts exclusively available when you use your everyday Debit card.

Let your mind at ease knowing that your funds are secure while taking advantage of a cash free lifestyle with easy Touch to Pay (contactless) or secured chip payments. All transactions are supported with SMS transaction alerts to keep you informed at all times.

Easily reach your CustomerCare Agents via FaisaNet and FaisaMobile messaging anytime. You can also email to [email protected]. Alternatively, you can call +960 332 5555

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Simply walk in and pick up an instant card from us.


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Simply scan the QR code on the letter and you will be guided to opening an account and then linking your card in the mean time.

After the linking process is successful you will receive a message to activate your card. You may proceed to activate using Internet Banking or any of our Self Service ATM machines.

If you are an existing customer simply scan the code on the letter and you will be directed to provide further information on your account. Once application has been submitted your card will be linked within 15 mins and ready for activation.

Walk into any of our locations and request for an instant card.

Yes. You can now do the following using Faisanet

  1. Activate Card

  2. Change PIN

  3. Freeze Card

  4. Block Card

Yes. You can fill the designated section of the application form with the details of the third party that you authorize for collection or send the details from your internet banking.