VISA Business

Expense Card

The digital solution for the age-old problem of petty cash management is here!

To qualify for the Visa Business Expense Card, your business must have a business account with Maldives Islamic Bank (MIB).

Expense Management: The Visa Business Expense Card simplifies expense tracking and management by allowing the business to top-up to the card as required. Say goodbye to manual expense reporting and streamline your financial processes.

Choose between USD and MVR cards to suit your business's specific currency needs. MVR cards can be used for domestic transactions. USD cards can be used for both local and international transactions. Enjoy the flexibility of conducting transactions in either currency with ease.

Easily load funds onto your card's designated account using faisanet (own account transfer). This flexibility ensures that your card is always ready for use whenever you need it.

Rest assured that your transactions are safe and secure with Visa's advanced security features. Whether you're making purchases at POS terminals, withdrawing cash from ATMs, or conducting e-commerce transactions, your financial information is protected at all times.

Gain comprehensive visibility and control over your card's through MIB's faisanet account portal. Access card statements, track expenses, and manage transactions effortlessly from anywhere, anytime.

You can request for as many cards as you need in MVR and USD. You can customize the usage limits for each card to suite your business needs

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Frequently Asked Questions

The faisanet account of the business will provide Access card statements, track expenses, and manage transactions effortlessly from anywhere, anytime.

Businesses can use you’re their faisanet account to top-up the card.

Card linked to the USD account will allow both international and domestic transactions.  Card linked to the MVR account only allows domestic transactions

The card allows for specific transaction types including POS purchases, ATM withdrawals, e-commerce transactions, cheque deposits, and internet banking transfers.

However, ATM deposits are restricted for this product, and only own account credit transactions are allowed for internet banking transfers.

Yes, multiple cards can be issued for the business.

Board Resolution (BR) in the given format. If a BR has been provided previously for the Visa Business Debit card and is still valid, a new BR is not required.

Additionally, ID copies of board of directors and the company secretary are required with the BR.