Fully Digital One Stop Platform for Ujaalaa Financing


Fully Digital Experience

Submit application, sign letter offer, submit quotes and accept offer wherever life takes you

Progress Notification

Follow and receive notifications on the progress of your application and requests.

Payment Schedules

View your limit utilization history and payment schedules.

Hands Free Experience

Your preferred dealers can upload quotes for you and you can assign a 3rd Party to collect on your behalf.


Fully Digital One Stop Platform for Ujaalaa Financing.

  • Apply for Ujaalaa Financing Limit

  • Submit requests for purchases, Ujaalaa Cash and more.

  • Offer acceptance and agreement signing

How to Access
  1. Head over to https://ujaalaa.mib.com.mv

  2. Select Login with OTP

  3. Choose the channel on which you want to receive the OTP. Please note that OTP will be sent to either the phone or email address registered under your account at the Bank.

  4. Enter your ID Card Number

  5. Submit the OTP received at your chosen channel (step 3 above)


Your one stop dashboard will show you the all the quick information on your

  • Approved Ujaalaa Financing Limit. If there is none don't worry. Simply submit a new application to get a Ujaalaa Financing Limit

  • The status of your submitted applications

  • Status of your requests

Requesting for Ujaalaa Financing Limit
  • On your dashboard select Ujaalaa Limit Application

  • Fill the application form

  • Upload the supporting documents

  • Submit

  • Once your application has been approved we will send you a notification SMS / Email.

  • Login to your dashboard and select 'Action'

  • Accept your offer and send a counter offer.

  • Authenticate with eFaas

How to utilize your limit
  • On your dashboard select New Utilization Request

  • Choose your preferred from the list of available facilities

  • Submit quote/request and proceed.

  • Once approved you will receive an SMS/Email notification

  • Login to your dashboard and select 'Action'

  • Accept offer

Enjoy Digital Ujaalaa Financing


Frequently Asked Questions

The Bank will send a change request which allows revising any incorrect information.

Monthly payment can be through salary deduction, salary transfer and rental income deduction



You can check the available limit on your Dashboard from the portal. 

Yes. You can fill the handover details separately for each quotation.