Press Releases

MIB-Pr-2022-01 Precautions taken due to increased spread of Covid-19
MIB-PR-2021-54 Termination of Employment of MD and CEO
MIB-PR-2021-53 Press Release
MIB-PR-2021-52 Press Release
MIB-PR-2021-17 Launching of MIB Global Pay
MIB-PR-2021-16 Appointment of IUM for distribution of Charity Fund
MIB-PR-2021-14 Profits Sharing Ratios
MIB-PR-2021-13 Banking Service Time
MIB-PR-2021-12 Service Disruption Notification
MIB-PR-2021-11 Banking Service Time
MIB-PR-2021-10 Banking Service Time
MIB-PR-2021-9 Banking Service Time
MIB-PR-2021-8 Banking Service Time
MIB-PR-2021-7.1 Banking Service Time
Request to Update Shareholders’ Residency Status
CS-PR-2021-006 11th AGM of Maldives Islamic Bank PLC
MIB-PR-2021-007 Service Timing 23rd May to 27th May
MIB-PR-2021-06 Service Timing 16th May to 20th May
MIB-PR-2021-05 Changes to Operations and Timing 5th May till 15th May
MIB-PR-2021-02 10th Anniversary Press Release
MIB-PR-2020-25 Daily Cash Withdrawal Limits
MIB-PR-2020-24 Introduction of ECRM service
MIB-PR-2020-23 Operations from 26th July till 3rd Aug 2020.
MIB-PR-2020-22 Press Release on 10th AGM
CS-PR-2020/007 Publication Of The Annual Report 2019
MIB-PR-2020-21 Service Hours from 5th July 2020
MIB-PR-2020-20 Operations from 18th June to 2nd July
CS-PR-2020/005 Books Closure Date
MIB-PR-2020-19 Operations from 21st to 25th June.pdf
MIB-PR-2020-18 Operations from 14th to 18th June.pdf
MIB-PR-2020-17 Service Hours 7th June - 11th June
MIB-PR-2020-16 Service Hours 31st May - 4th June
MIB-PR-2020-15 Limited Service Announcement 17th May - 28th May
MIB-PR-2020-14 Moratorium Portal
MIB-PR-2020-13 Limited Service Hours from 3rd May - 14th May 2020
MIB-PR-2020-12 New phone number 4004141
MIB-PR-2020-11 Announcement Limited Service Time (Week of 26th to 30th April)
MIB-PR-2020-10.1 Announcement Limited Service Time (Week of 19th to 23rd April)
MIB-PR-2020-09 Announcement Limited Service Time (Week of 12th to 16th April)
MIB-PR-2020-09 Announcement Limited Service Time (Week of 5th to 9th April).
MIB-PR-2020-08 Annoucement on Covid-19 support for customers.
CS-PR-2020-003 Continuation of Market Operations during Government Closure Period
MIB-PR-2020-07 Announcement on Covid-19 Business Support
MIB-PR-2020-05 Update [COVID-19]
MIB-PR-2020-04 Submission of Letters, Documents and others
MIB-PR-2020-03 Change of Banking Hours from 19th - 26th March
MIB-PR-2020-01 Money Transfer (SL)