MIB Business Banking Open Day

18th July 2024

Visit us and learn how MIB’s products and services can enhance your banking experience and propel your business to new heights.


VISA Business 

Expense Card

The digital solution for the age-old problem of petty cash management is here!

Business Banking

Business Banking at MIB is now even better.

With extended hours, more banking days per year and more all located under one roof at Male' Branch

Digital Banking! anywhere, anytime.

Enjoy modern day banking with our Digital Banking Journey

Experience a new era of seamless and secure banking convenience, where time is on your side!

Instant Account Opening | Self-register for faisanet | Visa Instant Debit Card | Ujaalaanow

Profit Highlights

General Investment Account (GIA) Profit Performance for

June 2024


3 Month Individual


12 Month Individual


3 Month Institutional


12 Month Institutional