Inward Investment Account

The Inward Investment Account is a specialized type of current account offered by Maldives Islamic Bank. It is designed to facilitate inward remittances from eligible investors for the purpose of investing in permitted investments, in the Maldives Stock Exchange. Eligible investors include foreign individuals, Maldivian nationals residing outside the Maldives, and companies incorporated outside the Maldives.

The key parameters of the Inward Investment Account are as follows:

  • It operates as a current account without a cheque book facility.

  • Inward remittances received in this account must be used for investing in permitted investments.

  • The remitter and the beneficiary/account holder must be the same individual or entity.

  • Physical cash deposits and withdrawals are not allowed.


Credit transactions in this account are limited to:

  • Dividends received from investments.

  • Sale or maturity proceeds from investments.

  • Share buyback proceeds.

  • Any other related income received from permitted investments.


Debit transactions in this account are restricted to:

  • Purchases of permitted investments.

  • International outward transfers to other accounts held by the account holder. Note that these transfers must be made in favor of the account holder only.

  • Transaction charges applicable to this account are subject to the bank's list of charges.


It is important to note that the currency for the investment must be the same as the currency specified for the account. (MVR or USD)

  • Board Resolution

  • Account Opening Form - Business

  • Information Form - Business

  • Information Form - Individual ( For all Board Members, Authorized Signatories and Company Secretary)

  • Company Registration Certificate

  • Company Seal Registration

  • Tax Registration Certificate

  • NID copies of all Directors, Authorized Signatories and Company Secretary



If you wish to apply for Internet Banking, kindly submit the following documents:

  • Faisanet Application

  • Faisanet Application (Non- Individual User)

  • Board Resolution

  • ID Copy of all users



  • Please note that copies must be attested by a notary.

  • Please ensure to put the company stamp on all pages of both business applications.

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